Living Roofs
Living Walls
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Living Surface Systems
The Archiphyte living roof and living wall systems are based on epiphytic life forms that require no soil. Our first product is a flexible fire-resistant mat with a pre-cultivated ecosystem of mosses, lichen, ferns, and selaginella. The mats can be adhered to a roof or wall surface. As in nature, the living surface can absorb 12 times it's weight in water. During drought periods, the living surface survives by going into a period of dormancy. Irrigation is not recommended. The vegetation is adapted to the climate and light conditions of the installation.
Vegetated Mats
The vegetated mats are pre-cultivated with full coverage of moss and epiphytes. Installation is simple. The mats are adhered directly to a membrane surface. The surface can be horizontal or vertical or any angle in between. The system is complete. No soil or drainage layers are required. Simple. Light. Basically maintenance-free. The vegetated mats are 2 ft by 4 ft with a fire-resistant layer. They can be adhered to waterproof membrane surfaces such as TPO, Polypropylene, HDPE, or EPDM.
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