Archiphyte is ushering in a new paradigm
in the field of Living Roofs and Living Walls
The old systems are terrestrial or soil-based. Complicated and expensive layers of growth media and drainage systems try to mimic the soils of the earth on the surface of a building. Archiphyte has developed new systems of living roofs and living walls that utilize plants and other organisms that thrive without soil.
There exists in nature a curious group of plants called epiphytes. They live in the forest canopy, disconnected from the ground. They derive moisture and nutrients from the air. They require no soil. Moss, lichen, and vascular epiphytes grow on the surface of trees and rocks. And they grow on the surface of buildings. Archiphyte's products are based on epiphytic life forms.
Without soil:
The systems are simple and light in weight.
They can be installed on steep roofs.
They can be installed on walls.
They can even be wrapped around a column or suspended in the air as a banner.
They have a unique look unattainable with terrestrial systems.